When does your track season start?

Our spring track season generally starts around April 1 and runs through mid June.

When does your cross country season start?

Our cross country season generally starts around September 1 and runs through mid November.

When can I register for the team?

Registration will open a few weeks before each track and cross country season and will remain open throughout the season. Middle and high school athletes are encouraged to join the team after their school seasons wrap up.

How do I register for the team?

Go to registration page and follow the instructions.

At what age can athletes join the team?

Athletes age 8-18 are welcome to join the team. Athletes age 6-8 may join the team with head coach approval and parental supervision at practices and meets.

How often do you practice?

Practices are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings from 6:00-7:30

What if I can’t make all three practices each week?

You may come to as many or as few practices as you can. Please keep in mind that consistency is a key in improving your running.

Do you participate in track and cross country meets?

Yes! Full track meets (spring) and cross country meets (fall) are held throughout the region.

What events can I participate in at a track meet?

Running distances of 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, and 3000m are available. Hurdles, long jump, high jump as well as throwing events are also typically available at the meets.

How many events can I participate in at a meet?

Athletes 12 and under may participate in 3 events. Athletes age 13 and above may participate in 4 events.

Do I have to participate in meets?

Meet participation is encouraged, but not mandatory.

What type of gear do I need?

A well fitting pair of running shoes, along with comfortable athletic clothing is all that is required. A yoga mat or blanket is helpful for stretching, and of course a water bottle.

Do I need spikes?

Spikes are for competitions only and not required.

How can I get more information?

See our Contact Us page.

How long is a cross country meet?

Cross country meets usually start with a walk through around 9:00 followed by each of the age races 8U (2 kilometers), 10U (3 kilometer), 12U (3 kilometer), 14U (4 kilometers) and 16U (5 kilometers). The whole thing is typically done by 12:00 or 1:00

What should I bring to a cross country meet?

Pack according to the weather. Wear rain/ mud boots for the walk through and keep your running shoes dry for the race. Dress in layers so that you can be comfortable until race time then take off layers for your race uniform. We usually set up tents to keep out of the rain and block the wind but dress as if you will be outside for several hours. The weather can be drastically different between the first meet in September and the last meet in December. It is only a few hours so a light snack and drink should be sufficient.

How long is a track meet?

All day. We will make every attempt to send out a best guess of the schedule but remember this is a volunteer organization with hundreds of kids running more than a dozen events with 10 age/ gender groups per event.

What should I bring to a track meet?

Pack according to the weather. It can be wet and cold for the first race in May and very hot for the last meet in July. We have the tents to keep out the sun and rain but bring several changes of clothing if it is raining. These events are also longer so you should pack enough drinks and light snacks for the day. There are usually, but not always, concession stands for the spectators and athletes after their events. A Walking Taco is not a good idea before running. Folding chairs for you and your athlete are nice to have as well as some games for the athletes between events.

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