Track Meet Race Day Prep

  1. Prepare for a Long Day
    1. Meets are typically scheduled to start around 9:00AM. However many start up to 30-45 minutes late.  You can never plan on this, just in case they do start in time, but don’t be surprised when it starts late.
    2. The coaches try to give reasonable time frames when events will start, but there is no way to know for sure. Plan to be there early for your child/children’s events.
    3. There are 100’s of kids. It takes a lot to get them corralled and running in the right direction.  Please be patient.  The people working are all volunteers.
    4. Events can continue until 5:00 PM or later. ( I have seen later, UGH!!)
  2. Please bring food, snacks, and drinks if you are planning on being there for multiple events. There is usually a concession stand selling all sorts of things for your enjoyment.
    1. Sandwiches, fruit, etc are good things to eat prior to running.
    2. Kids should eat much prior to each event. More food in the gut can lead to cramping and other unpleasant issues.
    3. Kids should stay hydrated.
  3. Comfort and Entertainment
    1. Pacers will have two tents at each meet to provide for shade and protection for the athletes. It is a good place for kids to hang out and get to know each other.
    2. Bring chairs, blankets towels or something to sit on.
    3. Books, games, or whatever form of entertainment you/your child may enjoy. It can get boring from time to time.
  4. Weather
    1. Always check the weather prior to going to the meet. Dress appropriately to weather.  Bring jacket, sweat pants/shirt, or any other article of clothing deemed necessary.
    2. Bring umbrella.
    3. Sunscreen
    4. Hats
  5. Racing
    1. Each kid will have a shirt to run in. They have been ordered.
    2. Runners should have a comfortable pair of running shoes. They may also wear spikes if they have them.
    3. Pay close attention to the announcer calling for the different races.
    4. Kids should start warming up ½ hour before the race gets called.
    5. Once there race gets called, athletes should report to the clerking tent ready to run. There they will be checked in and not allowed to leave.  (should go to the rest room prior to going to check in.)
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